Lifestyles of the Incomplete

Dan innocent hears kids outside
And wonders if he’ll raise one of his own
As body after body gets bared and redone
He's just bitter and he always sleeps as one
Animal behavior.

Andrew beauty loves Christmas lights
There’s no one to share the glow with him
As work rots his skin away day by day
When boss goes home
Would he let his children hurt the same way?
Animal behavior.

There’s no pride when you have bills to pay…
You and your father turning out the same way…
One feels cheap and one strips the clothes away

Robert cynical drinks his beer
Watch him glow, deteriorate, and disappear
His hours drained in a computer screen
Just existing and surviving
Lifestyles of the incomplete
Animal behavior.

Engines running,

Attractions calling,


Push and pull.

There’s always a push and a pull.

-- Jeremy Gloff, Animal Behavior

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