Time is like a bullet from behind.

I run for cover. Just like you.

Time is like a liquid in my hands.

I swim for dry land. Just like you.

Time is just a fiction of my mind.

I will survive.

And so will you.

(And so will you.)

Kisses on the dance floor in my past.

I need some comfort. Just like you.

Do you hear the city waking up?

I will survive.

And so will you.

We shine like stars.

We shine like stars.

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Brooklyn, baby

New medication. I have like 550 T-cells now. That's enough to sell some on the black market now! 

I have been predictably at 200-300 something for a few years and I don't know if that's from HIV or lymphoma but I wasn't expecting to ever have a higher result than that.

And my dreams are very vivid now.

I forgot when I last dreamt, or remembered it, it's only been once in awhile lately.

I had a dream the other night, and I knew I was dreaming, and I asked someone a question, and I would not let up on him until he answered me.

I stared at him for a long time.

I knew he had something to say to me.

Finally, he spit it out:

"They called and let me know to go to Brooklyn baby. 

And I think you're right."

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Rain on a Highway

I was alone, outside 
The stars in my eyes
The tall grass in fall, 
The moon where I lie. 
If you come here you’ll find
That if I lose you I might 
write a song about some rain on a highway 

These days, my love,
Is ready for sure
You can take what you want,
Cause in love I’m not poor
But you must keep it held tight
And if you lose it I might
Write a song about some rain on the highway

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