Enjoy the Silence

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Be Someone that Makes You Happy.

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Dossy the Snowman

Dossy the snowman, had an OC-192. And he loved to DDOS OVH, Undernet, and Yahoo!

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Ten Crabs a Crawling

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Twelve chunks in my cummies, a 1:11 titre, ten crabs a crawling, nine workers knocking, eight MRSA boils, seven KS lesions, six calls from county, Hepatitis C! Four green squirts, three anal warts, two canker sores, and drug resistant HIV!

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“You were on the rebound, I was on the road...”

Fuck. I forgot I had a metric fuckton of cookies squirreled away in my freezer.

As far as writing goes, it's not exactly linear. I pick the needle up off of the record and drop it again in a random place without elaborating on whether it's the present or the past.

One thing you can count on is that I operate in three year cycles and I never quite get my shit together even though it’s achingly within my grasp every so often.

This blog is an experiment in what needs to be said, what doesn’t need to be said, and how it should be said.

I owe something to those whose stories have healed me and helped me walk around feeling a little less alienated.

Does it even matter where I’ve been or where I’m going anymore?

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“Run far away to a northern town”

I’ve had a rough 3 or 4 decades.

I’m exhausted.

I’m struggling with the typical impulsivity.

Friday: Why am I dealing with this bullshit and struggling to find anyone insane enough to rent to me? I have a place. With furniture. Clothes. Cable TV. A car. A 42,000 BTU furnace to curl up next to.

I could just get on a plane and go home and be done with all of this.

And then I’ll be in some shithole town with no meetings, and a bunch of ignorant ass kids who are either like “no one over 25, no poz guys” or on the opposite end of the spectrum, so high they don’t care what I look like as long as I can get my dick hard.

The summer recreation’s nice. Kayaking, fishing, nice parks and all that.

Winter though.... I’m too arthritic to go out in that shit and then all people do is drink.

I just know I’ll kinda wither up and die inside.

Saturday: A customer chewed me out and I blew up at him. I am not writing so much as one kilobyte of code for this dude. I understand feeling entitled to a solution but I have several customers who scream at me on the phone and I’m getting depressed and burned out.

If I can be patient and hold it together for a few more months I will not be supporting this product or those customers anymore.

Doing one thing for 4+ years is a new record. I usually get bored after a year or two.

I like writing code, it fires up my creativity and I get excited and inspired and have a lot of fun with it. I have great customers who specifically ask for me. But once you start yelling at me I totally resent working on your shit and I won’t accept your cases anymore unless I absolutely have to.

I spent the whole weekend inventing new swear words and fantasizing about mailing them my laptop and curling up in a fetal position in the living room for the next year.

If things were a little bit different, if I were a little unhappier, if I didn’t like my employer or co workers, it probably would make sense to resign and then go crawl under a rock and take as much time as I need.

My boss said not to ever flame a customer out like that again and that it’s time to stop being a transient and to get a stable home base with high speed internet and a telephone.

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I didn’t even tell you about the new roommate. 

She broke her bed. 
She broke the couch. 
She broke a chair. 
She broke the toilet seat. 

She orders two pizzas for dinner every night.

When she takes a dump I think she stands up and aims at it as forcefully as possible PPPPPTTTTTPPPPPPPPTTTTTTPPPPP and it’s all covered in caked on backsplatter now. 

It looks like someone sat down on the toilet downstairs and blew their brains out with a .45 Desert Eagle in there.

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The Guy Who Never Says Anything

The senior center was locked tonight and nobody had a key.

[Narrator]: Five seconds later...

“Hey! How did you- ?“

“I’ve never let a lock slow ME down before.”

“Alright! Never mind!”

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