It was a girl in my dream last night and now I remember where else I’ve seen her.

We were both warriors of the light, and the light was sort of a weapon against some sort of opposing forces. 

And we had all participated in battle together before.

I was going to try to direct it at her like a stupid 5-year-old who kills their pet to “see what happens” and then weeps over it.

The only thing was, she was on my side and this wasn’t going to be allowed.

She vanished and dissolved before I could do that.

She was protected.

This makes the spiderweb thing a little more interesting:

She fell through the floor and once again she was protected.

In the other dream we were standing near one of those old basement doors, the kind that open to the outside of the house.

Was it this house? 

Is she the oldest playmate I’ve ever known?

This takes me back to an acid/ketamine trip where I had an apparently unlimited potential to participate in creation and willing things to be.

I had this thought, that if I could create things so easily just by thinking them into existence , then maybe I could d-

I wasn’t allowed to finish that thought and I was sent somewhere else for my own good, maybe even for the good of the creation unfolding before me.

This is a story for some other time.

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