I liked this place.

I had the first dream where my old cat from when I was a kid jumped off of a cliff and into the ocean water.

Oh no!

I took a couple tentative steps towards the water but the rock face was too steep for me to save her.

I watched her struggle, and she made it out.

She climbed up the face of the rock soaking wet.

She was a stray who had befriended and chosen me, and she was always tough like that.

I woke up crying.

I missed her.

In my second dream I was living in a giant house with floor to ceiling glass walls and a beautiful panoramic view of wheat fields, green landscapes as far as the eye could see.

I went around the perimeter, I was totally stoked.

I sat down at the counter next to someone and we both dozed off on our stools.

At some point I woke up, or so I thought.

A tooth had come out of its socket and broken into two pieces.

I held my hand and I looked at it.

I thought: In dream symbolism, this is something about dishonesty.

I wanted to know what time it was.

I grabbed what I thought was my iPhone and tried to click the home button.

It was a grounded wall tap and I was pressing it in the center.

(There are no iPhones here.)

(I knew I was dreaming.)

Well, what time is it?

There was a broken watch. Maybe it said ...

I heard a voice tell me it was three-something.

Three thirteen?

Three thirty five?

(Does it matter?)

I looked at the person sleeping on my right.

I beamed the thought “I love you” at him.

He woke up and looked at me and smiled.


Now I know I’m dreaming.

What is this place? I like it.

And then there was a loose sliding door I was trying to fix for someone. Or talk about fixing, maybe. They’d used an oversized anchor and cracked the brick and I was debating how to repair it.

I slid it open and went outside.

Then I was outside standing on the top of an old rusty metal slide.

I told a young woman about the situation with the anchor.

She was helping kids down the slide.

I looked at a young boy taking his turn.

I knelt down and I cried.

I felt a hand on the back of my head stroking me and comforting me.

I woke up keening and crying and I wondered how long I had been doing that.

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