On some level I believe we are all connected at source and that we are little raindrops of light in an ocean of light.

There is nothing that I am that you are not.

In that space everything that I experience and everything that you experience and everything we all experience occurs and exists simultaneously and without contradiction.

Heaven knows what you’ve been through.

My worst enemy is my brother or my sister or my friend. Will I remember that? Will you?

This whole idea of white light or source is a little too celestial and abstract, even if you believe in this you can forget it when you need to remember it most, just like everyone else.

That visualization and that concept work in the realm of the spirit where we are all connected as one but it’s not as tangible on our divided and broken planet.

What is the term for a paradigm where I can’t be something without there also being something that I am not? I’ll edit this when I remember where I’m going with it.

EDIT: Duality !!

I love the idea of flowers:

Roses and violets and wildflowers and daffodils and pretty little purple flowers growing in Utah along with the dandelions pushing up through some concrete.

Flowers are a better metaphor for the reality of what people are while they’re here.

That’s actually something I think I can put into daily practice.

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