“Flying Monkeys”

“Flying Monkeys are enablers who continue a narcopath’s abuse by proxy.”

That pretty much summarizes a bunch of stepper fucktards (and a few dumb fucks in the gay community ... but there’s some overlap here) who have obediently chucked rocks at me on command with no questions asked.

No need to endlessly go into detail then, is there?

Because it is always the exact same story. The only thing that ever changes are the lies.

Language of Letting Go for August 6:

“Today, I will learn to trust solutions, rather than be victimized by problems. I will not use problems to prove I am helpless, picked on, or martyred. I will not point to my problems to prove how awful life is. I will learn to trust the flow of problems and solutions. God, help me solve the problems I can solve today. Help me let go of the rest. Help me believe in my ability to tackle and solve problems. Help me trust the flow. For each problem, there is a solution.”

Without a doubt the rooms of recovery have two camps:

Trauma victims and wife beating pieces of shit.

That’s alcoholism for you.

It’s funny how they have a lot of language and cliches around telling victims to shut up and be silent and stop being a victim:

“Look at your part in it.”

Those who DO abuse others in the room, use the book to defend their abuse:

“well you know, it’s in the book!”

Same thing asshole so-called Christians do with their book.

Religion and 12 step programs are both candy for sociopathic thugs and their sycophant enablers.

You’re going to hell.

You’ll never get it.

You’re crazy.

You’re not worth it.

This here book says—

Well here’s my book and it says “go die in a fucking fire.”

Yet they have nearly nothing to say with regard to telling assholes and bullies to stop being assholes and bullies. Yay, a win for 13th step and predatory culture. Knuckle sammitches for everyone if they burn the roast or don’t do the dishes, amirite?

They never examine their part in anything, they never apologize, they’d rather die, they’d rather you die. And then they’re the ones pounding their chests about their clean time and their aaahhhhhmazing program.

Yeah, okay, they’ve worked a fearless and thorough 8th and 9th step, gotcha.

And I’ll eat my own dick live on cam, lol.

I see a problem because the traumatized crowd is the more vulnerable one. They are sensitive to evil and they are allergic to injustice. They have that black and white thinking from an earlier post where they can’t just say “I don’t like this thing you said or did,” it becomes “I don’t like YOU.”

So they run into a couple of mean old biddies or dry drunk pricks and it’s not “wow, that guy was a jerk,” it’s “I’m never going back to AA.”

That’s why the website can no longer be an “NA chatroom,” because if we fuck up now then we are just some website you didn’t enjoy... rather than “wow, fuck NA, those guys were jerks.”

Some members — former members as the case may be — of the group hate my guts because I ban the fuck out of or demote bullies and I force communications out in the open so they can’t manipulate or predate or harass you or play their flying monkey game with every innocent collateral bystander who wanders in.

AA World Services is voting on enabling a chat room at their upcoming world convention.

It may be necessary for a specific audience to understand the kinds of problems and issues the group has faced and what we have done about them.

Do I personally have a need to be known as someone who has experienced these things?

Not really.

Not unless it serves to inspire someone else to survive something or better yet avoid it altogether.

A lot of these sites have the same problems — and many have been shuttered over them. I’ve talked to several other owners including In The Rooms and NA By Phone.

We all know nachat.net almost *immediately* stole my idea of setting people in +RD mode to ban private messages, and it wasn’t to keep them from swapping quiche recipes, discussing the Basic Text, or sending each other thoughtful and encouraging notes LOL.

I swear some of them think that working 1, 2, and 3 means how many fingers you can get in your hoo ha on Skype, smh.

So you have to understand that while it’s “a part of my story,” it’s also “a part of our story.”

This is a part of the story for people who operate and frequent websites I’ve never been on.

I’m just the only one talking about it or trying to do something different.

What do I get out of being a victim anyway?

The boys just go “oh — that ones broken, girl she’s a defective Rubik’s cube.”

Meh. Fuck em. I was built for other things than attracting boys.

There’s your story. I’ve deleted most of the other posts.

NA World Services still sucks — they’re still a bunch of corrupt assholes who stole the intellectual property of the fellowship, they only care about selling literature and they do not give a fuck about working with addicts or if you live or die. I am not walking that one back.

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